Join my Band

So I’m thinking of forming a (post-) punk rock band. I can’t really play anything, although in my time I’ve been a proficient pianist, guitar & bass-guitar player. I definitely can’t sing. Which makes me think I’d make a good punk-rocker.

The theme of the band is irony. I’m figuring our playlist should be about 99% punked-out covers of really bad pop tunes and 1% angst-driven original songs. I’m thinking like we go out and download ‘The Best One-Hit Wonders’ and ‘The Worst One-Hit Wonders’ albums, and learn those songs. You know, the über-fromage.

So who’s in? (note: saying your in, does not, of course, mean you actually have to do anything. This band is so punk, we’re not even ever going to play, let alone learn to play.)