Photoshop D’OH!

So I spent about 30 minutes today in photoshop trying to draw an equi-sided octogon (for a stop sign). I was having a hellish time, using the polygon thing to get all the sides to look good, be at the right angle, etc. Then I thought to myself: “There’s go to be a better way. I’m going to google this.” And lo and behold, there is: The Photoshop ‘Custom Shape’ tool, which allows you to select the number of sides (amongst other options), and then draw. With shift+, alt+ & ctrl+, you can further constrain it. So I was able to to complete the task in about oh, 30 seconds.

D’oh! Of course, now I know. So I can put polygonal shapes & stars all over the place.
This could be dangerous…

update: another typo D’oh! and thanks to Mark for pointing that out, it has now been corrected.

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