There may, in fact, be a single word for a collection of distractions, but I made this one (distractivia) up this morning to describe my thoughts. Because I’m an egomaniac, I just assumed you’d all want to read about them:

  • Sedans. There is nothing that says ‘I have no imagination’ like a sedan. No matter who makes them, they are still dull, boxy and boring. I will make two exceptions for this rule. One, the VW Jetta, still allows you to keep your cool cred. Two, the Mercedes E Series sedans. Just because they’re classic. Every other sedan is boring. The only difference between them is just how much you got rooked when you bought it.
  • Song Identification: There are some bands whose songs I can identify within the first few bars. I’m not fully decided yet whether this is because I listen to them alot, or whether they have a ‘sound’. Some examples:
    • REM: I listen to them alot, and I can *always* tell an REM song when it comes on the radio
    • Eminem: I nearly never listen to him, but can always identify a song. Maybe they just play the same songs so I know them, but even when new ones are released, I can normally tell. I think he has a sound
    • Peter Gabriel: Definitely has a sound.
    • Tragically Hip: They too have a sound, but I have to admit, I probably know every single song.

    So a short list, but it was a quick thought.

  • Firefox: I dig it. It makes me feel about 10, and excited about a new transformer to say ‘Firefox!’
  • beta-testing (and the ensuing revisions) are currently the bane of my existence)
  • Last night’s seminar, about usability, was largely a waste of my time. In paritcular because of the immediately prior thought.
  • I want an iPod. I’m jealous of his. I’m even jealous of his ironic, funny-the-first-time-not-so-much-the-second-time engraving. Honestly, I don’t need an iPod, and I’m not sure it would accomplish what I want (are they easily hook-upable to stereos?) but they have to be the tech accessory of the moment, and I’m nothing if not a tech-accessory snob.
  • I’m slightly chagrined that I wasn’t elected to sit on the Vancouver Economic Development Council, but then, seeing who was elected, I don’t feel so bad. I’m no one compared to those guys
  • I wish there was a way I could be both a superstar academic and do what I do now. Because that would be great. Oh yeah, and still have time to spend with Leah, and play video games, and read great books, and be politically active. And, um. Everything else that I want to do, but never quite find the time for. I hate having to prioritize.