Last night I went to the Walkmen & Decemberists show at Richard’s on Richards. It was the first show of the year for me, and so I was pretty excited. I was really there for the Decemberists. I only knew the Walkmen from the current Saturn commercial, and while I liked that song, it hadn’t made me rush out to buy anything else. For the first time, I took my camera along with me, so there are some photos from this show. My apologies for the relatively poor quality, as I’m still learning this new camera, and so I was improvising as I went along — the result of which is a rather mixed bag of images. I’m only happy with 2 or 3 of them, but they’re all there for your perusal

The opening act were The Zulu Kids (I don’t know the band name, but they all work at Zulu. Ergo, …). And, well, let’s be polite and say that they’ve got plenty of room to grow. And be mean and say that quantity does not overcome a lack of quality.

Next up were the Decemberists, who were simply wonderful. Nerdy and awkward and endearing and classy. The sound was crisp and clear, the llighting good, the selection decent, etc. I came in a query, and left a definite fan. So much so, I even bought their latest CD while there, which is something I almost never do (buy a CD at a show).

Headlining were The Walkmen, who I knew only from that Saturn Commercial. They were pretty good. The drummer was simply fantastic, and they gave a good show. They were enjoyable, and for the price, I’d see them again, although I’m no confirmed fan. Their sound reminds me of The Strokes, only wiht some piano, so take from that what you will.

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