Listen like thieves

Listen to this track (14MB 192Kbps MP3) off of Pearl Jam’s Lost Dogs album. It’s actually 2 fairly short tracks. The First one, the title, is ‘Bee Girl’, which is about the Bee Girl from Blind Melon‘s big hit ‘No Rain’, way back when. It’s a sort of cautionary tale. The second, hidden track, is, as far as I can tell, Pearl Jam’s (or more likely, Eddie Vedder’s) response to the death of Kurt Cobain and all the soundalikes that followed. It’s sad and angry and quite interesting.

The Lost Dogs double-disc, if you’re a PJ fan, is really quite fantastic, overall, so I recommend it. If you’re not a PJ fan, well, ignore it as you would otherwise. If you hate PJ, you might as well ignore this whole post too.

(the title of this post, by the by, hearkens both to my favourite INXS album and the fact that by downloading and listening to this track, well, you’re stealing from someone. I’m just spreading communism wherever I go…)

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