My Freakish VP Idea

I’ve been thinking, in the wake of Kerry’s winning of the Democrative nomination, who a good VP choice would be. It seems obvious that John Edwards would be a good choice, and would be a remarkable opponent given Cheney, who’s as different from Edwards as can be.

I don’t know this for sure, but I believe that the New Mexican Governor (Richardson, I think) is Hispanic. In a pure-crass play for the Hispanic vote, he could be a good choice for Kerry.

But here’s my freakish idea, that will probably never come true, and may not actually be a great idea, but sounds interesting: John McCain. Now, I’m aware that he’s a republican, and indeed ran against Bush for the nomination back in 2000. However — he seems disenfranchised with the current direction of the republican party, and is quite a ‘liberal’ republican. He could be the person to swing many of the moderate republicans (& the undecideds) over to the Democratic camp. He’s also a very good speaker, has the military background, would temper the ‘liberalness’ (that I’m actually quite a fan of — but I recognize that not everyone is) of Kerry, and so on and so forth that would make them a very hard team for Bush/Cheney to combat.

So general question: Who do you think the VP Nominee will be, and who would like it to be?