IMA Robot & Guests

I went with _Ben to see IMA Robot last night at Richard’s on Richards. It was great, as he was on the guest list, and I got to be his + 1, which meant a free show. It’s hard not to like that.

Opening for them were ‘Maxeen‘, a trio who were clearly heavily inspired by ‘The Police’, but sadly could not live up to their inspiration. They were decent, and started well. However, they played far too long a set and looked (and worse, sounded) as if they were playing the dredges of their catalogue by the end. With some time and work, they’ll be decent, but really, not my bag.

Up next was ‘head automica’, who were big and loud, and in my opinion, not terribly good. So let’s leave it at that.

IMA Robot, by comparison, were excellent. Their songs were catchy and the stage presence entrancing. They mixed up the pace well and generally rocked out in all the ways that that statement is good. They weren’t so good I went out and bought the disc — their sound was a little generic for my tastes, but I certainly enjoyed seeing them play.

I again took photos of the show. If you’d like a more detailed review, have a glance through those, as I posted thoughts on the bands in the photo captions. My apologies as I’m really not a photographer, so alot of it looks like shit. But there you go. There’s one good photo in there, at least.

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