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Now, this may well exist, but here’s something I thought might fly pretty well in the web-banner advertising world: site-specific ads.

What I mean by that is that the person who will be hosting the ads (say, me), can sign up somewhere to display ads only of a certain type. These are then randomly rotated through by whatever adservice is being used, like normal banner ads.

For instance, I would gladly advertise the following types of things here (not that I get a lot of hits):

  • Progressive not-for-profits
  • New Web-dev related books & sites
  • Cancer/Aids/mental health research initiatives
  • Indie Rock labels & bands

And I’d probably allow advertisements here for other things too, but that’s what came to mind off the top of my head. And I know that the list there is quite diverse — but that’s the point. These are things that I am interested in, that I’m willing to show as being in support of. Of course, this may be exactly how all banner advertising works, and what I’m listing are just groups who don’t traditionally advertise, and so what’s missing is actually the service to offer these non-traditional advertisers a medium to get their message out.

Lauren & Emira have had their ‘I give a BUCK abou sex education’ up for a long time. I don’t know, but I’d imagine that they’d be willing to have a rotating banner, if all the content was in support of issues/groups that were important to them too.

So does anyone know of a service that does this? If not, does anyone know of an investor that might want to support such an initiative? Or want to take this idea and run with it? etc?

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  1. Google AdSense is a pretty neat way to have banner ads. I believe the ads it displays are based on keyword matches on the content of that particular page. Best of all they are simple text-only ads like you see on Google itself; no annoying animations or pop-ups.

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