American Idol thoughts

I watched an entire (ok, 1/2, but I didn’t get home until it was half-finished) episode of American Idol for the first time last night. I know, you’re thinking, how could you not have seen it before? And I’ve seen parts, but I always switch away as soon as possible. But last night I watched it, because Leah wanted to watch it. And several thoughts occurred to me:

AI is just a glorified karaoke bar competition. There’s a pre-recorded track and even back-up singers on the tape while these folks are singing. How uncool is that? Maybe it’s popular because we can all sing along, and everyone likes a sing along.

No one does anything interesting. If I were on American Idol, I’d do it a little differently (although, I really have no interest in winning. I might do what everyone else does if I wanted to win). I think it would be much more exciting to do alternate-genre versions of hit songs. For instance, anything by Green Day is at its root, country. So do a country version of a Green Day song. Or a lounge version of, say, Smells Like Teen Spirit. Or a soul version of, oh, an Eminem track. Which would be funny (if done right) or humorously awful if done poorly. But interesting none the less. I’d also be happy if someone took a less-well-known artist to do for a genre.

All that being said, the girl who sang that Dixie Chicks song last night should win, just for that performance. It was awesome!