So last night, Jerry Seinfeld was on The Daily Show. Which you’d expect would be excellent — two funny guys together, should be good, right? Well, no. The interactions between the Jon Stewart & Seinfeld were strangely antagonistic. I wonder if it’s part because, while Stewart professed to be a huge fan of Seinfeld’s comedy, their comedic styles are quite different, and they clashed terribly last night.

However, I wonder if Jon Steward felt icky about the whole thing. Why would he feel icky? Because Jerry Seinfeld’s reason for being on the show was to promote his new AMEX commerical. That’s right. A commercial. Now, talk show appearances are always just commercials for whatever the person appearing is selling — normally a movie, book, cd or tv show. But last night, Seinfeld was selling a commercial — selling an act of selling, if you will. And that just struck me as horrible and cynical. Yes, this commerical is a little different in that it’s online-only, and about 5 minutes long, so like a little movie, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that it’s nothing but a commerical. And going on a talk show to promote your new commercial just seems terribly, horribly, cynical.