Motivation @ work

Have you ever had to do something at work that you just hated? And not for any particular reason (or at least none that has bubbled up into conscious thought), but you just can’t stand anything to do with working on it? I have one of those projects right now.

And so I drag my feet, and do the work in 5-10 minute stretches and generally, I’m probably doing a bad job. Not that the client would notice, because I’m professional, but to my standards, I’m doing a shitty job. Which means, of course, that every time I go back to do something, I’m embarrased by what’s there and want to work on it even less. Worse yet — I’m not convinced the client needs what we’re doing. While hiring us to do regular updates is expensive, I’m not convinced that they’ll actually use the CMS we’re giving them. My suspicion is that in a couple of months, they’ll be hiring us to put the content into the CMS for them, because they’ll forget how to use it, get frustrated and angry at it, and possibly, resent us for having foisted it on them, and then no one’s happy.

I keep trying to find some positive aspect of this project to motivate me — i’m using mysql as a db for this one, which means I get to learn some more about that platform, but currently, I’m just annoyed at having to find alternatives to a whole slew of stored procedures that were written for MSSQL. And there’s no design, the site is intentionally low-tech, no-design, so the pretty factor isn’t there, and they’re using Pencilcase 2.0, which, I have to admit, is horrible to return to after working with our version 3, so there’s nothing there. Jeff keeps dangling the paycheque at the end of this project as motivation, but that’s the one thing he never seems to understand about me — money is never motivational for me — I don’t think it would even crack the top 10 reasons I do what I do. I like getting paid, I like the reward, but it’s not motivation — the size of cheque, the necessity of the cheque, the frequency of the cheque, it just does nothing for me. It’s almost a beneficial side effect of working for me, not a reason. I won’t work for no money, but that’s really only an artefact of wanting respect — people don’t respect things that they get for free.