Stanley Cup

So I’ve decided that I want to see a Tampa Bay – San Jose Stanley Cup Final. And solely because of all the teams I’ve watched this playoffs, they have consistently been the most exciting to watch, with lots of speed, pretty passing plays and sweet goals. It would be a remarkable change from the slogfest that was last year’s Anaheim – New Jersey finals.

That being said, my prediction is that it will be a Philadelphia – Detroit final, with Philadelphia taking it in 6. Philly should roll over Toronto, who is hurt and tired after the Ottawa series, and they’ll likewise just pound Tampa Bay into submission in the conference finals — they’re just so big as a team, and with the way Roberte Esche is playing, I don’t think Tampa will be able to beat them. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if they took the conference final in 5.

In the west, Detroit will probably only need 5 to beat Calgary, unless, somehow, Iginla manages to raise his game even further, in which case it might take 6 games. San Jose’s 3-0 up on Colorado, and they’re just not going to lose 4 in a row. I suspect the conference final will go 7, with the speed and youth of San Jose being a big factor in the series. However, Detroit’s experience will make up the difference, and San Jose won’t be able to win in Detroit in game 7.

Just wanted to let the record show.