This just seems like a bad, bad idea. Sure, Burke seems like kind of an ass, but he’s been an undeniably effective ass, and that’s good for the Canucks. And honestly, given the already huge amount of uncertainty surrounding this team (Bertuzzi, Naslund, Morrisson, the pending labour strike, goaltending, coaching), is not having a GM really a good place to be? Or having an untested GM? It strikes fear deep into me that the Canucks are in the midst of imploding, and ‘rebuilding’, that famous euphamism for fielding a shitty team, will be in place when they next take the ice.

On the other hand, maybe a team full of unknowns will mean that GM place is a lot emptier most nights, so they’ll lower the ticket prices, and then I’ll be able to afford to go see a whole wack of games. Which would be a plus. But I’d rather watch a highly-successful Canucks team on TV than a not-so-great Canucks team live, were it up to me.

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