Political Pandering

So while travelling out here in Montréal & Toronto, I’ve noticed a couple of things about the election here: First, there are way more signs out here — virtually every posterable space (moreso in Mtl than T.) has been used by one party or another, and just going along side streets, there seems to be more party signs then there are in Vancouver.

However, what’s most interesting is a trend I’ve noticed in the make-up of the signs. Every single NDP sign I’ve seen has included a photo of the candidate (except for the tiny ‘postcard’ signs — but that’s a universal truth). Compare this to the Liberals, where there are photos of the so-called ‘star candidates’ (those appointed by Paul Martin), as well as all female and visible minority candidates. No generic white-male candidates have photos on their signs. This holds true for the Conservatives too — so far, I’ve seen a photo of every female and visible minority candidate, but not one single photo of a caucasian male candidate. Which, I don’t know about you, feels a little icky to me.

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