Stop Harper

From Christian, comes this forward:

A group of Canadian artists and over 80 prominent Canadian women have joined together to outline concerns about Stephen Harper’s policies on a woman’s right to choose, on Iraq, on military spending and on cuts to healthcare, amongst other issues. Members include Sara h McLachlan, Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace, Sum 41, Avril Lavigne, Treble Charger, Sarah Harmer, Sarah Polley, Be Good Tanyas, Naomi Klein, Maude Barlow, Judy Rebick, Doris Anderson, Ursula Franklin, Linda McQuaig, Michelle Landsberg, and others. As we approach next Monday’s election, please read their statement at

Which leads to my current thought: What’s so dangerous about voting Conservative in this election is not actually Stephen Harper. While I thoroughly disagree with many of policies, I do actually think he’s on the level. However, the scariest part of the Conservative platform is that he promises all parliamentary votes will be free. This means that not one single conservative has to toe the party line. It also means that should someone (say a far-right leaning backbencher) bring forward a private member’s bill, and it goes to vote, there’s no telling how the outcome will be, regardless of party policy. While Stephen Harper may promise to never raise the issue of same sex marriage, there’s nothing stopping anyone else in his party from doing it.

So remember that when you vote on June 28th (and you are going to vote, right? Because if you don’t & you don’t have profound, deeply-held convictions that prevent you from participating in our electoral system, then you’re a fucking idiot (to be blunt)), that if you vote Conservative, you’re actually voting for your local MP more than you are Stephen Harper (or rather, the Conservative Party Platform). So make sure that you whole-heartedly agree with your MP on all counts, or you might in for a surprsie in a few months.