Manning Park, July 2004

Leah and I went camping in Manning Park for the Canada Day long weekend, staying Saturday to Monday. It was a chance for us to finally use some our wedding presents, as we got some excellent camping equipment from my family.

I’ve uploaded and commented on the photos from our trip

Some fun things from our trip:

  • We saw a marmot, although I didn’t manage to get a photo because I freaked out & thought it would jump in the car and attack me. I don’t know why, but I had a totally irrantional reaction to it.
  • We cooked burgers in the coals of our campfire, and neither of us were sure it would work out, but in fact, they were fantastic, including the veggies – Leah just wrapped them in tinfoil and tossed them in
  • There’s something…neat… about eating smoked salmon while on a mountain peak. That whole exact opposite of the ocean thing.
  • I was soooo tired after our hike. It was, I believe, 18km roundtrip, but 2 km short of our ultimate destination of First Brother peak, due to weather.
  • Our tent fits our inflatable air-mattress perfectly, which makes for some damn comfy sleeping. Also, I think the air mattress weighs significantly more than our tent.

Much fun was had, and we’re both looking forward to camping in Tofino at the end of this month now.