The World’s Most Dangerous Sport

Just in case any of you were thinking of picking the sport of Ultimate as a hobby, let me caution you against it. While yes, it is tonnes of fun, and excellent for your cardio, and one of the friendliest, most laid-back sports I’ve ever participated in, it is incredibly dangerous!

See, while playing ultimate, I’ve lost 4 fingernails, broken my right heel and now, last thursday, I managed to dislocate my right shoulder. That’s 6 injuries in about 5 years of playing. Conversely, I’ve played hockey for about 10 years or so, and the worst that’s happenned is that I’ve lost some teeth (one of which I got back)

Dislocating my shoulder sucks – virtually everything I do involves rotating my shoulder, which is painful. It also means that I have to miss the first game of the season of the hockey league I just joined. But physio is now started (those guys make so much money off of me!) and in 2-3 weeks, I aim to be back on the field. Why? Because, clearly, I’m a masochist.

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