So a couple of minor changes around here now that I’ve had a little time:

First, and most important, is a new side blog: “Elsewhere”. This will be a collection of links that I find interesting, and want to post to, but aren’t necessarily worthy of their own post. It will be populated by people who send me links, links off other sites that I link and of course random curios I come across in my normal web-surfing. So if you’re bored, keep an eye on that. As a note, the idea was stolen from What do I Know’s fantastic links blog, so please check that one out as well. Quite likely, several of his links will be replicated here.

I’ve also replaced the text titles on the right side with gifs, using Constructivist Square, the english version of the Cyrillic font I use in my main title. I’m not so sold on color & size at this point, so if you’ve any suggestions, please let me know.

I’ve moved the two archive sections (monthly & category) into jump-lists to conserve space,removed the (to my mind) totally useless ‘recently’ links and grouped the search function down with the archives, where it seemed to belong.

Lastly, there’s a new link down on the right-hand side to my Corporate site, Pencilneck Software, in case you ever want to hire my services. It’s a somewhat obtuse link, but that’s ok by me (the PN on the triangle-soup background is from our business cards. I just shrunk it down to fit over there. We’re still playing with ways to effectively use our new identity pieces).

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