Have you ever had one of those weeks where, even though you were extremely busy, you didn’t get anything done? I’ve just had one of those weeks. I set out, at the beginning of the week, a set of tasks that I thought was eminently acheivable – builds on a couple of websites. Both with custom features, true, but still, I should, on a good week, have finished both. But instead, I find myself at work at 4:45pm on a Sunday, and I’ve barely done a third of what I wanted to get done. And looking back, I’m not entirely sure where I lost so much time. I suppose I’ve spent about 8 hours in meetings/phone conversations or so, which explains some of it. And I ran into a snag with one project, which might add another 1/2 day of missing time, but I don’t get where the time went. For the sheer volume of keys I’ve pressed and lines of code written, I’ve really not got anywhere at all.

Hopefully, what it means is that I’ve slowly been loading straw onto my camel, and say, Monday morning, I’ll brake the bastard’s back and will get these both done in short order. Which is key, because, well, I can’t really afford to be behind on these projects, given what my schedule is like coming up.

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