Weight Goal Reached

So I’ve been losing weight this year – on purpose, as, well, as anyone who’d seen me last year probably saw, I’d gotten kind of large. At Christmas, I weighed 240 lbs, which is pretty hefty.

In February, Leah joined Weight Watchers to help her try to lose weight. Recognizing that if I didn’t help her, it would probably hinder her attempt and subsequently realizing that I could stand to lose a few pounds too, I joined also.

Now, I’m not someone who goes in for the whole meeting thing, but fortunately they have an online program – you track your weight, your ‘points’ (calories + fat + fibre = points), etc. It’s pretty damn simple. You X points per day, + 35 ‘flex’ points for a week. Which actually is surprisingly easy to live on, if you cut out, as in my example, eating an entire bag of cookies in a sitting, or a half-litre of coke a day. The fact I’ve started running 2-3 times a week + ultimate + hockey (generally, being much more active) has helped.

So when I started tracking my weight in March, I weighed in at 231 lbs. Today, having reached my goal, I now weigh 196 lbs. Which is 35 lbs lighter (and 44 lbs lighter than at christmas). So I’m pretty damn pleased.

I had set this weight as a goal by looking at WW’s BMI index for my height & age, wherein the maximum weight was 199. Which, at 231, seemed impossibly far away. The minimum weight for my height & age is 164. Which, I recognize, is very small, and I’ve no intention of trying to reach that. However, because I set a goal just within the maximum, I’m now thinking that maybe I should actually re-set my goal, to lose another 10 lbs. That would put me in the mid 180’s. Which used to seem totally crazy to me, but now seems doable. And I’ve still got a little gut, so I think my body could handle losing a little more. But is that too light? I’d be 6’4″ and 185 lbs.

So I think that I will try this. I’m also now starting to do some weights twice a week (well, I try to. I just don’t like going to the gym. I think I need a better ‘system’ – a notebook, or a trainer or something to give me a sense of purpose/progress), which will hopefuly help to convert some of this remaining fat to muscle. I’m specifically working on ‘core’ and shoulder strength, as recommended by both the Physio & Chiro that I’ve been to visit, as I’m under-developed in those areas. And both will be helpful for ultimate & hockey.

So there’s my health/weight update, which I’m sure you were all dying to hear about 😉

Next up!? A review of David Byrne and/or They Might Be Giants