Carruthers.Net Rides Again!

Today is the launch date for, v. 4. This is the second time around on the site for me, and the fourth for Jeff.

The design & IA of the site was done by our frequent collaborators, Minds Ablaze, with site-building & back-end programming by YT. It is, of course, powered by The Pencilcase CMS.

It’s also, of course, a CSS-driven, (mostly) compliant site. This site also marks my first foray into Flash Remoting with CFMX, as the Before And After photos (look in the Treatment strategies section) pull text & photos dynamically from the database, allowing The Carruthers to quickly and easily update this information.

Of course, all comments, praise & criticism welcome (except for the moral issues around Cosmetic surgery. Believe me – I’ve been through all that already!).