The sad conclusion

So after watching both of the (Republican & Democrat) conventions (Ok, the highlights of the conventions as seen on CBC, CNN &amp The Daily Show), I’ve come to the sad, scary conclusion that unless the Democrats quickly and radically shift their electioneering tactics, the republicans are going to win again. Why? Because they’re appealing to baser instincts: anger, fear, joy; whereas the Democrats are trying to make this an election about issues. They’re trying to appeal to intellect. And in a sound-bite, talking-point, soundtracked media-circus, the appeal to intellect will always lose.

I’m loathe to say this, but I feel that the Dems need to play the game more like the GOP – be dirty, be personal. Do anything it takes (I’d prefer to stick to the side of legality) to win this election. Then get on with what you want to do. Remember, I suspect the best way that you’ll appeal to the vast majority of undecided voters is not to show how good Kerry is, but rather to remind them who Bush is, and that, more than anything else, John Kerry is not Bush. Because he’s not personable enough, or memorable enough as a personality to win on his own merits against such a master of populism as Bush is.

Anyhoo, just my gut feeling.