Recently Seen, AKA, No Life!

So I’ve seen a slew of movies & TV lately, and, due to lack of time, haven’t said much about it. So now, brief reviews of recently viewed things:

The Perfect Score: A surprisingly good Teen-comedy movie. Reminds me of a french film I saw ages ago about students cheating on the Baccalauréat. Actually, my high school showed that to us, just before we took our Bacc’s.

The Girl Next Door: Weak, predictable, but vaguely watchable. It passed the time well enough.

Band of Brothers: Fantastic, horrific, enthralling, gripping. If you haven’t seen this, see it now. Rent it all, watch them one after the other. As a note, you can’t skip over the credits without missing scenes. Shitty DVD-creation.

Garden State:Fantastic. A few elements felt ‘film-shoolish’, in that they were visually wondrous, but not necessarily well-connected to the story. But a really great film.

Hawaii:A new cop show, set, well, in Hawaii. It’s really, really bad.

We Don’t Live Here Anymore: based on a pair of Andre Dubus (In the Bedroom) stories, it’s a horrific film to watch. It was so hard to watch, yet so enthralling, I’ve yet to decide whether it was ‘good’. It certainly wasn’t fun to watch. But probably worth seeing. It also has Mark Ruffalo, who’s my current favourite actor.

Vanity Fair: Better than I expected, not as good as it should have been. Wasn’t biting enough, and the story really suffers in the translation from book to screen. Vibrantly colourful, with an odd directoral touch that’s familiar, but I can’t quite place it.

Dead Like Me: Yet another charming, well-acted & most importantly, well-scripted HBO show. Definitely catch it if you can. Features Vancouver as Seattle, in a not-at-all convincing manner if you’ve ever been to either city.