When I Am King

A (potentially) ongoing, pie-in-the-sky look at the things I would do, if I were king. I’ll keep adding to these as other ephemera pop into my head. Expect it to be contradictory, expect some ideas to be really dumb, expect me to completely change my mind. These are all just things for at least a brief moment, seem like a good idea.

  • Legalize all narcotics, then open government-owned ‘Drug Stores’ to sell the products, reaping in sweet tax money. Existing pharmaceuticals would be allowed to bid on supply contracts, and there would be strict regulations & standards for content & quality of the drugs.
  • Raise the minimum wage.
  • Make all fines not flat fees, but rather be proportionate to your income, like it is in parts of Scandanavia
  • Make it illegal to drive while talking on your cell phone. Hands-free units might be acceptable
  • Elimate tax on ‘green’ products – reusables, eco-friendly, etc – what would constitute being green would be reviewed regularly, to keep upping the ante
  • Raise the minimum amount of taxable income, so that fewer extremely poor people have to pay tax
  • Create a ‘National Service’ program – like required military service, only, community service, not military. A 1-year program (paid) for all Canadians, to be done between 18 & 25. Also, perhaps a shorter program for immigrants, as a requirement for citizenship.
  • Eliminate up-front university tuition for Canadians studying in Canada. Instead, tuition will be paid through taxes post-completion. Say, 1 or 2% extra tax,per year, until paid.
  • Insitute a ‘discretionary’ tax for citizens. Like VanCity’s million-dollar fund. Groups will be able to apply to be recipients of this direct money. Citizens will then be able to direct a small portion of their tax to a specific cause, group, etc.