Wimbledon is, in so many ways, an incredibly bad movie: it had cheesy dialogue, it falls into every romatic-comedy cliché there is and worst yet, has a leading man who is totally unproven at being a leading man.

Despite this, however, it’s a fairy watchable movie, with a pair of caveats: 1) you either really like or really hate Kirsten Dunst, so if you’re of the latter mind, don’t see this. 2) They really stretch far to use tennis as a plot- & tension-buidling device.

Both Dunst & Paul Bettany rise far above the meagre characters they’re given, and seem to almost be in on the joke with you – that you’re watching a really bad movie, but hey, it’s fun, right? Also, it has some spiffy CGI for the actual games of tennis that I hope to shortly see in a tennis game for one of the consoles – I had the thought “I wish this was in Top-spin!” several times.

So if you’re looking for a good ‘date’ movie, or something that will pleasantly, if aimlessly pass the time, check it out. If not, well, bully for you.

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