The News

So I found out yesterday about you. Oddly, your mum’d been complaining for the past couple of weeks about not getting pregnant, and had become a little depressed about it. And then her period was late, but she was getting cramps and all the pre-menstrual symptoms she gets, but still, was late, and it must be said, she’s like clockwork.

I was skeptical, but after running, your mum went to London Drugs and picked up a pregnancy test. I tried to convince her to hold off for a while, but no, she took the test yesterday monrning. She was very pregnant according to the little test – that blue bar was a deep, solid, irrefutable blue.

Leading up, I’d expected some whooping, some running and hugging – some kind of hollywoodized reaction, but there wasn’t any. I think both of us were a little stunned. Suddenly, you went from being this abstract concept to being, well, something. I’m not entirely sure what you are yet – I mean, you’re like a few cells in size.

And now, a day and a half later, I’m still, well, stunned. I’m overjoyed, excited, happy, terrified, expectant, contemplative, freaked out, worried, anxious, etc, etc. I’m sure I could come up with yet more syonyms, but that’ll do, I’m sure.

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