The Party

So yesterday was my 27th birthday. On Saturday night, I had a little party at my place, and various people showed up and drank, and hopefully, had fun. I certainly did, so thank you everyone for showing up. Because I’m me, I’d been fretting all week the either no one would show up, or everyone would show up.

So now, of course, I have far more alcohol in my house than I did at the start of the party. Which is quite amazing. So if anyone else is having a party in the next while, let me know, as I can probably provide enough booze to last most of the night. It’s as if everyone who came bought, say, a six-pack of beer and then only drank one. But surveying the finished bottles, that’s clearly not the case. So I think I should become a short-term alcoholic, just to clean up my kitchen 😉