Prepping the Nest

So for the last while, we’ve been living in (pretty nice) 1-bedroom apartment in Kitsilano (don’t worry, there’s not a test on this later). But with the Impending You, we realized that we’re going to want a 2-bedroom at the very least. Sadly, given our current financial situation, and the Vancouver housing market, we were going to be hard pressed to find somewhere both nice and affordable to raise you in. I’d been beginning to resign myself to living in the suburbs, or some run-down east-side home temporarily, or perhaps worse, staying where we are.

Ideally, of course, I’d like to buy a nice little house somewhere and raise you in that. But we’re not quite there yet. We (your mum and I) are, however, doing a pretty good job of paring down our expenses right now. Partially to save for you (things like clothes, food, and an education fund) and partially to eventually buy our first home.

But so today, we found out we’ve been accepted to a co-op. Which is great. A co-op is like a built-in community. Rents tend to be cheaper, and they foster closer community ties amongst the residents. For instance, there are numerous kids where we’re going to be moving, which you might get to play with, or at the very least, we could ask to babysit you for us once in a while.

So we’re moving in December. The family thtat’s leaving had a kid, and so there’s already a room painted in kid-style, with clouds and sky, etc. And more cupboard space. And 2 balconies! In somes ways, it’ll be smaller, but in other ways, hopefully more important ways, it’ll be super-fantastic!

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