Sometimes I surprise Myself

So a few minutes ago, I was ambling across Pacifc Blvd., at Davie. Admittedly, I was walking slowly, as I was lost in thought. Coding in fact. I was having a very productive walk.

The little man was green for me, and there was a line of cars who were slated to turn left. The BMW in front, a little blue coveritble roadster in front, decided to come all the way up to the crosswalk and wait there, thus blocking traffic. Of course all the other cars follow suit.

I didn’t pay it much mind, except to think “What an asshole” about the beamer-driver. But then – He honked at me. I stopped, totally amazed. The fucker just honked at me! So I turned, leant down towards him, and gave him a look that said “you didn’t just honk at me.”. But he did. And then he rolled down his window, and said “Get the fuck out of my way!”. At which point, not really thinking I calmly kicked his driver-side headlight. Which promptly broke. Now, I didn’t mean to break it, I admit it. But I’m wearing Docs today, and despite not being steeltoe, they’re obviously pretty firm. And then the guy open his door and got out. He was older, probably in his 50’s, a little paunchy with thinning, grey hair. He was also several inches shorter than I am. I stood up straight, a little scared now, because, hey, I”‘m no fighter. And he looked at me. And I looked at him. And then several cars behind him honked, and he got back in his car. I then turned and continued on my way. And I hurried, just in case.