The Planning

The other day there was a news piece on the CBC about how some parents, particularly in Vancouver, are getting there not-yet-conceived children onto early childcare waitlists. I then proceeded to have a minor freakout. Childcare! How the hell do I know what to look for in childcare? And how could I possibly know what kind of childcare I’ll need in 2 years? And how can I possibly afford it? Childcare can run $10-100 a day! And most are in the $20-40 range, apparently. Which is insane! I don’t make that much money!.

And of course, when I talked to your mum, she reminded me that she would most likely be back at UBC, studying nursing, and UBC has pretty decent childcare, apparently. Which is excellent.

But it has started me thinking about all the numerous ways that you are going to radically change my life: planning. I’m a notoriously poor planner. I don’t like to plan, having a long-term plan stresses me out and makes me feel trapped. But I’m going to have to get over that, because I need to plan for you and most importantly, for your future.

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