Iron & Wine

Lately, I find myself listening more and more to Iron & Wine. It started when I went to the show at Richard’s, before which time I’d only heard a couple of tracks. The show, which I enjoyed, made me go and find some more. And then slowly, like a slow tide rising, he won me over.

You know those commercials for, oh, I don’t know, Riesen, wherein the person takes a bite and suddenly everything that is going on around them just disapears, and they’re taken to their happy place, where everything is calm and lovely? I find listening to Iron & Wine has much the same effect. The gentle, liltingly rusty voice and soft, twangy guitar evoke images of sitting round the fire at camp, listening to your friends sing a simple song, or perhaps leaning back on the porch, looking out over the fields, with an old, favourite & warped LP warbling away on the record player inside, the strands of music wafting gently through the open window.

Have a listen to the cover of The Postal Service‘s “Such Great Heights” to get an idea of how they sound.