First check-up

You had, in essence, your first medical check-up today. Your 11 weeks along now, nearing 12. And so this was the first time where we could have a listen to you. And we heard you! We heard your tiny little heart beating, and my own heat skipped a beat, I was so excited! Going in, the doctor (Dr. Hall, who you’ll presumably meet on the day your born) told us she might not be able to find the heart, because it’s still so early on, but nearly as soon as she put the Doppler (the device used to listen for your heart) on Leah’s belly, we heard your heart, beating away at 120 beats per minute. I didn’t think that such a minor little thing could have made me so happy, but hearing that heartbeat certainly did. I’m sure that this feat will be matched or surpassed many times in the next few years, but that moments stands as one of the best in my entire life to this point.

And so apparently, you’re busy down there growing eyelashes, teeth, finger nails and more internal organs. Which is pretty impressive, really. And I believe you’re all of about 1 inch or so in size, although that could be way off – I don’t really know.

So also exciting is that your passing your first medical means that it’s safe for us to tell our friends that you’re on your way. Which is nice, because I’ve had to lie a few times about you to this point, which I don’t like doing so much. But now I can tell everyone who asks! I’m torn, of course, between telling everyone as I see them and only telling people who ask, or if there’s some conversational reason to tell people. I suspect it’ll be the former, because, really, I’m so happy, and I’m not too good at keeping those sorts of secrets (my own). But I’m not going to put your existence on my site just yet. Maybe post ultra-sound, at which point, I’ll hopefully be able to put up your ultra-sound picture as well, so that everyone in the world can see how you look as a foetus. Which, when you’re 18 or so, I’m sure you’ll hate me for, but hey, who cares!?!

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