Who is this for, exactly?

So, who, exactly, is the Make Your Own Dildo Kit intended for?

Because, let’s say it’s for your own person use, and you want to have anal sex with, well, your own penis (or a very close replica). That seems narcissistic to the extreme.

Would you give it to your partner? Which to me, seems a little arrogant: I’m so insanely good, that I want you to use my penis, even when I’m not here! And what happens if your partner likes your dildo more than you? And let’s say you break up, and your ex still uses your dildo. How would you feel about that?

Perhaps it’s to give out to your friends as gifts (after all, you can make more than one with the kit)? And how do you give such a gift? “Hi, Sam. I though you might like your own personal copy of my penis. Enjoy!” What will your friend’s partners think?

And finally, does this fill you with all sorts of performance/size /shape anxiety as it would me? What if I didn’t fill the mold? Or my dildo isn’t “pretty”? Or I become, well, second fiddle to my own dildo? etc.

Of course, if you wanted to explain to someone exactly how you like your oral sex, this might a pretty damn good investment.

On the other hand, the kit itself makes a pretty great gift for someone, in my opinion, for the very fact that it raises all the questions (and, perhaps, more) that I listed above.