Mum, 13 weeks

Leah, at 13 weeksThat’s your mum’s belly, at 13 weeks. She now weighs 147 lbs, which is a full pound heavier than last week. Which means we’ve still got a boatload of weeks until you arrive. But it does mean that we’re through the first trimester, and thus things are a lot safer for you. We’ve heard your heartbeat, told our friends and family about you, and even picked out a first name for you, regardless of what gender you will eventually appear as. Should you be a boy, you’re probably going to be named “Liam” and if you’re a girl, you’ll likely have to learn how to spell “Siobhan” (I think that’s how you spell it. See? Even I don’t know how to spell that crazy name that we like!).

I’m going to keep putting up these weekly photos, mostly for my own benefit, but hopefully you’ll get a kick out of this someday too. Or be embarrassed, or think I’m a kook, or whatnot.

In terms of you, you should now be essentially fully formed, and from this point on, it’s all about the getting bigger and bigger.

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