The absense

So, yes, it’s been a little quiet here lately, but things have happened that have kept me away. First, there was the afore-mentioned server troubles, which led to this site not being here to be updatable (during which time, I composed several ground-breakingly brilliant posts in my head, to of course forget what I was going to say once I could actually post them).

Then, last weekend, my dad was visiting, and so I spent time with him, rather than with my website. He did buy me luggage, after all, which is excellent, as I shall be travelling in January, and having luggage helps with the whole thing – I heard airlines frown on you showing up with two dozen grocery bags full of clothes.

And then yesterday, I moved. Not far fom where I was, but importantly, back over the bridge to downtown, and thus close to work. So for days previous, I had been packing, and such.

And, oh! yeah – I also no longer have a car, which should have no relation on my ability to post on the internet, but it appears to have done just that.

So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Hopefully, I’ll find something of actual interest to write about soon for all you tens of adoring fans. Like, say, last night’s SHiNDiG, which Chris-a-riffic called “One for the ages” or something, in Only magazine.