CCPA Launch

I am oh so very pleased to announce the launch of the new Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives website. This is the latest Pencilcase CMS-powered website, designed by my good friends over at Raised Eyebrow.

This site is long over due, both from the CCPA’s point of view, whose old site was really quite a mess, and from my point of view, as the project was really, really, really long.

Some Features of this site:

  • Spanky CSS, standards-compliant markup
  • Totally overhauled IA
  • New Search Engine to help you find what your looking for
  • Ability to search inside of the CCPA’s documents – PDFs, Word Docs, etc
  • A Variety of ways of looking through their list of articles, hopefully everyone will find one that they find easy to use
  • I’m sure there’s more, I just can’t remember right now…

So if you haven’t already, go have a look!

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