Mum, 14 weeks

Leah, at 14 weeksThat’s your mum at 14 weeks. Not really a noticeable difference in bump from last week. Pretty much all of my friends now know about you. And I’m pretty stoked about your pending arrival too. I’ve been waffling from frightened, feeling not ready, feeling unsure about whether I really wanted to be a dad, to being really excited. Now, all those other feelings have gone, and I’m just excited for you to exist.

I’m also starting to think about how to afford you. Hopefully, in a week or so, I’ll have cleared off my credit-card debt with the help of my company and some sort of curious tax-exemption that the Canadian Government has cooked up involving owner dividends – it’s all greek to me. But that should allow me to then set up an RESP, or Registered Education Savings Plan. See, sending you to university is going to cost an arm and leg by the time you’re of that age, given current inflation. So I might as well start now. The plan is a $100/month, from about March (3 months before your born) until, well, until you’re in university, or some other type thing that requires us to pay tuition for you.

I’ve also been pricing toys & accessories for you on the web, like a baby bjorn, and a bouncer, and a changeing table, and strollers, and car seats – and even a car, which we just got rid of, but I suspect we’ll want again when you’re around. Maybe not right away, but in, say, a year? All that costs a lot of money. Not to mention the things I want, like a really good digital camera to take thousands and thousands of photos of you with, and a new computer so we can hide all our CDs from your grubby little fingers, and a new PVR, so that we can record all the shows we can’t watch when we’re looking after you, etc. I think between you and me, littl’un, we’re going to make some stores very happy.

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