Week 16

Leah's Belly @ 16 weeks Your mum’s belly is definitely getting bigger now. It’s starting to round out in a way that looks much more like baby-bump, less like, well, food-bump. Which makes sense, because you’re now about the size of an avocado, apparently. Which, while not that big, is still actually something I can picture. And starting now, you’ll double your size in about 3 weeks. Also, you’re growing toenails and I’ve been told that your eyes & ears are getting closer to being in the right places. So of course, right now, you’re a stereotypical B-movie alien in appearance, on a very small scale, is my impression.

Your mum seems to be doing much better, although I think your making her body reshape itself is not nearly as comfortable as she might have hoped, as she’s getting weird stretching pains in her belly. Nothing serious, so don’t feel bad or anything, but there you go.

Outside of the womb, is Christmas time in the world. Which is a time of year I’m not a huge fan of. I’m not christian, in that I don’t follow the christian faith, and all the buying & gift-giving doesn’t interest me that much (although I admit, I do like receiving gifts, so there we go). Of course, I also feel guilty for not really liking the whole thing, and I spend this holiday conflicted about my desire to please people and make them happy by ‘getting into the spirit’ as it were, and my own desire to simply ignore the thing. One thing I do like is the excuse for a little bit of time off from work to spend with your mum. In years to come, I’ll probably really appreciate the chance to spend a few days with you too, as well as the rest of my family, when opportunity presents itself.

Oh! We went to the doctor the other day, and I got to use the Doppler to find you (well, your hearbeat). And just like the last time, it was so awesome, although it was better because this time, I was the one that found you, not the doctor!

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