Holiday Wrap-up

Christmas was nice & quiet over here at the Tannocks. My folks were in France, Leah’s family elsewhere in BC, and that left just the two of us, which we were both quite excited about. We missed out getting a tree, because I left it until the 23rd, and when I looked, there was nothing left (although I’ve been told that places got a re-stock on the 24th. damnit!).

We spent our xmas day sleeping in, opening presents, seeing a movie (Steve Zissou and The Life Aquatic, Wes Anderson’s latest), ordering in Chinese food. All in all, quite enjoyable. We then braved boxing-day crowds to try our hands at some shopping, but were for the most part disapointed with the sales. It seems that if you want really large-ticket items, like tvs, appliances, mattresses and their ilk, you can get good deals, but otherwise, not so much. I did, however, replace my shoes, which had holes and thus were less than useful in our rainy climate.

I’m sadly now back at work, although, it must be said, not nearly as productive as I (or Jeff) would like today.

Hope everyone had some time off to do what they liked, whether you celebrate christmas or not, and please spare a thought, and ideally, some coin, for everyone in South Asia, after that crazy-ass earthquake/tsunami chaos. I highly recommend you support the Red Cross or Médecins sans Frontières, who always do excellent work with this sort of tragedy.

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