Crazy Dream

So last night I had this really, really disturbing dream that your mum had a window surgically implanted in her belly so that we could actually watch you develop – you know, like those cows at agricultural science labs/farms have?

So this was part of some fly-by-night operation, who paid your mum to “help further the cause of science”, or something like that – vocabulary is never clear in my dreams, and then she did this operation, and went around to schools and so on and so forth and talked about what was happening insider her, using a laser-pointer to point out various highlights of how you were developing. Both in my dream, and when I woke up, I felt fairly disgusted by this. More, I think, by the sell-out aspect of this than the too-much-information aspect, but regardless, I was strangely mad at Leah upon waking. Dreams can have that effect. Of course, it’s only a dream, so I put the anger aside. Let this be a lesson, if you will – what happens in your head should not impact your external relations, as well, people outside of your head shouldn’t be held responsible for your thoughts or dreams.

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