Be nice, clear your ice

So one of the nice things about living in Vancouver is that we very rarely get snow, and so there’s little need to clear snow & ice.

One of the bad things, however, is that because it is so rare, no one knows what to do when it does snow. Particularly bad is the lack of sidewalk clearing. I don’t know if it’s a fine not to clear the sidewalk in front of your residence (it is in Toronto, where I grew up), but if it isn’t, it probably should be. Since the snow a few days ago, walking the sidewalks of Vancouver has become somewhat treacherous: Many buildings (Condos seem to be particularly bad for this) have not even cleared the snow at all, so on hills, it’s really a nice ice-slide. Others have salted, but not cleared, or cleared but not salted. Both result in a nice-during-the-day but icy-at-night situation. And, this being Vancouver, salting is a reasonable thing to do, as it doesn’t ever drop below -8 Celsius, which is I think the temperature that the salt stops helping at.

So to everyone in charge of building maintenance, or who live in a house, please, be nice and clear your ice!