Back in Vancouver

I’m now back in Vancouver, after a wonderful, relaxing trip to Norway (and Denmark). Photos of the trip (I’ll have some more in different albums for Denmark & Vigeland Park soon) have been uploaded for you to peruse, should you so wish. Many thoughts, memories & ideas about the trip can be found within the photo captions, but here’s som random notes about Norway:

  • Norway is very expensive.
  • Oslo has excellent transit – Vancouver could learn alot from how well the system runs
  • The standard of living, predictably, was very high
  • Norwegian girls are hot! Norwegian boys are pretty good looking too.
  • I’m not a big fan of cruise ships, I’ve decided.
  • Norway is very good to its artists, and clearly supports public art.
  • Oslo is neat & clean, Bergen is cosmopolitan.
  • It doesn’t matter if you speak Norwegian – you can probably read most things anyway because words are similar, and everyone you speak to will speak english nearly perfectly.

More soon!