København! (the summary)

So during our Tenure in Norway, we also made it over to København (Copenhagen), an overnight boat-trip away in Denmark.

Pictures of our excursion are now available.

Copenhagen, despite many similarities, felt quite different from Oslo. First and foremost, it is at least twice the size, and so all the changes that come from being larger are there: Copenhagen was older, dirtier, more cosmopolitan, more suspect, more lively, just more. Were it not for the horrendous fact that everyone smokes, and smokes everywhere (inside restaurants and cafés too), I’d definitely like it more. Now, I know that smoking inside is common in Europe, but I’m so spoiled by the smoking ban here, that when suddenly faced with it, it’s really awful.

Anyone going anywhere near Copenhagen should definitely make an effort to see the city itself. It has so much to offer – I wish we had slightly more time there, so we could have better explored it, rather than kindof running through it, which is what we did.