The Hidden Cameras

Last night, I went to see The Hidden Cameras at Richard’s on Richards, along with Lauren. For those of you who weren’t there, but wish they were, along with those of you who were there, and want a reminder, here’s some photos from the show.

Opening for the Hidden Cameras was The Blow. This consisted of two kids from Portland, who were initially endearing, but very quickly tiresome and then finally irksome. But they clearly had some fans, or at the very least, the crowd was receptive, which was nice for them. Because as they said 1 kajillion times, “they were excited to be there”.

The Hidden Cameras were pretty much what I expected: sweet, melodic pop, emo to the max. If you like Belle & Sebastian for more than just their accents, you’ll probably like the HCs. They get super-bonus points for adding a backing choir of locals, to add a little vocal oomph to several songs. Not a must-see concert, but certainly a really good show, all around. The best surprise, I think, was that the HCs could actually get pretty hyper and keep up a high-energy show, which is always an important ingredient to a club show.

One anecdote I overheard, while standing in line for a drink, that I’d like to share with you:
Curly haired kid with glasses: You know, I feel so sorry for parents with gay kids.
Blonde boy: mm?
CHKw/G: yeah, you know? their name won’t live on. I met this one guy, in Malaga, in Spain? He was gay, and 3 of his 4 brothers were gay.
BB: …
CHKw/G: And I know this brother-sister gay combo-
BB: Dude. You know I’m gay, right?
CHKw/G: …

I walked away at this point.