There’s a new series starting on Bravo, on Wednesday March 16th at 10pm, called Godiva’s, and you must check it out. Partly because my friend Abi helped write it, and partly because it sounds like it could just be damn good. The producers hail from Cold Squad and Queer As Folk; it’s set in Vancouver; and it has all the debauchery and intrigue inherent to the restaurant business.

If you don’t know Abi, and you want proof she’s a good writer, how’s this for starters?

You’ll be wanting to catch it. Not just because I worked on it – though do you really need more incentive? – but because it’s about food and sex and the occasional recreational use of banned substances and, aside from one of those hilarious “I’m with stupid” T-shirts, what more does any one person really need? Did I mention it’s set in Vancouver? Like real Vancouver. Not Vancouver made to look like LA or Vancouver made to look like Chicago or Vancouver made to look like… No, it’s Vancouver-Vancouver in all its rain-soaked, rhododendron-draped, glossy-surfaced glory.

That’s just her email-writing style, but you get the idea. She’s funny and stylish and has a beautiful way with words. So you gotta watch at least one episode.

(Because I’m lazy, and wanted to say the same thing, this post is copied letter-for-letter from the Soapboxgirls)