Looking for an Ultimate Team

So it looks like my VUL team from last summer won’t have enough players to field itself this summer. Which means I’m teamless. So!

If you play ultimate, and are looking for any more players, please drop me a line, at steve @ this domain. I’ve been playing for 6-odd years, and would rate myself a “B”, skill-level wise – which means I’m good, but I’m not going to single-handedly carry a team (which is my criteria for being an “A” player). I’d ideally like to play for one of the following types of teams:

  1. A good team that has practices where people show up and players that I could learn from, to become a better player,
  2. or, an easy-going team where the highlights are likely to involve bbqs & drinks, where fun is more important than winning – ie, a team that doesn’t care so much about winning, but cares about the “spirit” of the game.

So please let me know if you’ve a spot for me, or let your friends know about me, if they play ultimate.

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