New photo sets

So I’ve two new photo sets to share with you, and a question:

  1. Vancouver Photos. I’ll hopefully add to this album regularly, as I take photos around town. For now, there’s photos from a walkabout I did yesterday, plus a couple from 2 weeks ago.
  2. Kings of Convenience @ Richard’s on Richards, March 11th, 2005.

So if you go to both, you’ll note the former set is posted as I’ve been doing for ages, here on The KoC photos I posted at Flickr, to check out how that works. And I really like how Flickr works, for the most part. But I shouldn’t use both my own gallery and Flickr, because that just doubles the work involved in upload and commenting, etc, or if I alternate, leave my photos in different places, which is not so good.

So my question to the public at large is: Should I switch to using Flickr? On the plus-side, it has great tagging/indexing/community features, it’s easy-to-use and is “hip”. On the down-side, it’s not mine, I lose some control of the photos uploaded, there’s the “what if it shuts down, or is sold” factor, and given the volume of photos that I post (which still isn’t alot), I’d probably have to pay to use it, whereas my own gallery is free….Any and all your opinions on the matter are welcome.