Thanks, Jeff!

So this morning there were some workers doing something to the bathroom on our floor. I thought that they were just painting, or something, as our bathroom did indeed need a new coat of paint. But Jeff, far more curious than I, actually investigated what they were doing, and now he’s got me all paranoid:

The mirror in the bathroom sticks forward about 8 inches from the wall. Apparently, the crew had knocked a hole in that edge, and were futzing away in there for sometime. They then quickly filled in the hole and painted that edge (leaving, I’ll add, the wall that needs painting unpainted). So of course Jeff’s first and only explanation is that they have installed a camera behind the mirror in our bathroom.

Why anyone would want to install a camera in the mirror of the fourth-floor bathroom is beyond me, but the idea of it sure got under my skin — when I was just in there, I positioned myself so as to keep my back to the mirror while doing my business. Then, while washing my hands, I examined the mirror closely for any tell-tale signs of a hidden camera. I, of course, found none, which only means that they’ve done an excellent job of concealing the camera, not that there isn’t one.

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