The Dears

I benefited from one of those House Of Blues “2-for-1 Tuesday” Ticket offers to go and see The Dears at the Commodore last night. They were touring with The Soundtrack of our Lives, but because I’d just played a hockey game with a short bench, and so was tired, combined with the fact I’m not a huge TSOL fan, I only checked out The Dears.

And they did not disapoint at all. I’ve seen them once before, seeming aeons ago, long before I knew who they were. I suspect that I tagged along with Ben on that night. And of course, I’ve (ahem) acquired the odd track since then, so this time, I knew what to expect, and even, somewhat surprisingly, the words.

What I really enjoy about them is their “jam-band” aspects. It’s not a terribly well-kept secret that I’m a reformed Dead-head. I dig the jams. I love when music coalesces into an expected wave of sound that crashes over your ears, immersing you in something new, unexpectedly fantastic. The songs themselves are, fortunately, good also, if occasionally a little uninspired lyrically.

A small part of me wishes I’d stuck around for TSOL, but given how tired my legs are today, and how sore my back was last night, it’s probably good for my health that I didn’t. Man – does this mean I’m getting old? That’s no good.

(Because I’m still evaluating, you can see photos here, or over at Flickr)