Recent Pencilneck Site Launches

So we’ve been pretty busy of late, building sites. Sadly, a couple of the cooler projects have no public access, so I can’t link to them to show off our work. However, I’d like to show off a couple of the more recent sites (one launched today even!). So without further ado, here is:

Youth Justice BC is another project for the Law Courts Education Society, focussing on, as the name implies, Youth Justice issues and resources in BC. It is a Pencilcase Premiere site, and feature such niceties as a private member’s area, document indexing, a discussion board and commenting system, the ability for members to upload their own news items and resources for the community, and more. Design was done by Sung Van Studios.

Today, we launched another site on a completely different topic: The American Society for Apheresis, an American medical society, not, as I like to think, an american grammatical society. Also a Pencilcase site, this site includes a simple online order form and a members-only discussion board.

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